About Us

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Nation's 1st DME Management Company

Qualis is the nation's first DME management company; we are not a DME direct supplier. The difference is critical. We offer value and benefits to both hospices and DME direct suppliers. With a focus on high-quality patient care, we are able to provide hospices with clinical education, significant DME cost reductions, consolidated monthly payments, and valuable benchmarking and utilization analysis.

Meet Our Team


Samuel B. Petteway, Jr., RPH, MBA

Mr. Petteway is a managing partner of Qualis Management. With twenty-five years of managed health care executive experience, Mr. Petteway has incorporated and grown HMOs from start-up to leadership positions within their industry. His executive experience also includes serving as CEO and President of a New York City based publicly traded internet data company, extensive consulting work, and a decade of hospital pharmacy and pharmacokinetics management. Mr. Petteway is married with three children, is a church deacon, black belt in karate, a magician, plays bass guitar, enjoys international mission work and directs Belarusian child hosting (ABRO.org) each summer.


Raymond L. Thomas, BA, MA

Mr. Thomas is President of Qualis Management, serving in this capacity since 2008. With over 25 years of management and 20 years of managed health care experience, Mr. Thomas has held key management and senior management positions in quality management, utilization management, marketing, sales, provider network management, and operations. Mr. Thomas has developed and implemented quality management programs and network growth and management strategies for hospice/palliative care and managed care organizations throughout the United States. Mr. Thomas is married with two grown children. He enjoys serving in his local church as a Sunday School teacher. As a former professional tennis player, he loves to play tennis and works out regularly, while always looking for opportunities to read, travel, and hike.


J. Hall C. Thorp, DSL, MBA

Dr. Thorp is a Qualis Management partner and has spent a majority of his professional career assisting clients achieve increasing value from formal and informal relationships with suppliers. Dr. Thorp’s primary areas of expertise for clients and now with Qualis are in the areas of negotiations, organizational strategy, entrepreneurship, and leadership. After gaining an MBA from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at UNC-Chapel Hill, he joined Trinity Research, LLC which provides consulting and negotiation services to clients in the health care industry and other non-medical companies in various industries. Later, Dr. Thorp achieved a doctorate in corporate strategy and leadership. As a personal note, Hall and his wife Sharon have two wonderful children and enjoy hiking and playing tennis as a family. He is an adjunct professor and also a weekly volunteer at a men’s correctional facility.

Jared C. Kelley, MBA - HCM

Mr. Kelley serves as Senior Vice President of Special Projects at Qualis Management. Since joining Qualis in 2011, he has been a part of the team that introduced visions for the development of an online ordering platform and entrance into data-mining to establish Qualis as the nation’s leading expert on Durable Medical Equipment (DME) utilization. With over 9 years of management experience, 7 within healthcare, Mr. Kelley brings experience in operations, quality control, contract negotiations, data analysis, and project implementation. In his personal life, he is married with three children – all boys! Outside of spending time with his family, he is a SCUBA instructor and enjoys exploring the realms of technical and cave diving.

Our Heart

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Programs That Hold a Place in Our Hearts

Whether here in the United States or on the other side of the world, Qualis takes helping those in need seriously. Dependent upon their passion, members of our Qualis team volunteer in local non-profits or may schedule time for international mission trips. Working together, our team provides funding, needed supplies, and other tangible support for Christian ministries locally and throughout the world. We feel individual and corporate philanthropy should be born out of each person's personal faith and thereby contain tangible and intangible support for the advancement of all humanity.

Our Vision

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Our Vision

To serve our clients, vendors, and one another with excellence to achieve profitable growth which enables us to care for people in a way that honors God.

Our Mission

To provide Intelligent DME® Solutions for ever-increasing value in the hospice, palliative care, and home health care settings focusing on: Total Customer Satisfaction, Superior Customer Service, Software Excellence, Evidence-Based Innovative Solutions, and Fair-Value Pricing for Clients and Vendors.

Our Core Values

Qualis is a company grounded in the Christian values of love, humility, honesty, integrity, respect, kindness, and social responsibility. Our goal is to create eternal value by striving to honor God in all we do. We reflect these values in how we conduct our business, and how everyone in our company serves and honors others.

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