How to Order Durable Medical Equipment In Seconds

How much would it benefit your team to save handfuls of time every day? The highly dynamic hospice environment has become even more demanding on its workers than ever before. The rapidly developing healthcare industry is constantly changing, all with the same intent: to save time and deliver better patient care.  There just never seems to be enough time in a day to get everything done and catch your breath in the same shift. 

Unfortunately, no one solution can help solve this problem, so we must search for a new approach that can help. Finding ways to streamline different areas of your hospice will bring compounding benefits as systems start moving quicker. Introducing a more efficient method to order durable medical equipment or DME is the boost your hospice might need. 

Importance Of Being Able To Order DME Quick

Making your durable medical equipment processes move faster will bring many benefits that your hospice team and patients will enjoy. DME logistics is non-stop and requires care teams to order and track multiple moving orders closely. 

One care provider may have to track several different DME orders for one patient while managing several other patients simultaneously. With so many moving components, it’s straightforward for hospice providers to be inundated with excessive time-consuming processes. 

Keep reading to explore the importance of having quick access to DME ordering and tracking! 

Better Patient Care

The number one goal of every hospice is to provide the best care possible for every patient. This goal may not seem achievable because it’s an ongoing process, but striving to get there is half the battle. 

You may have to test new methods of executing daily operations to put your team on the right track. To improve the quality of care for patients, your team needs to be equipped with the tools to perform their jobs better. When patient care increases, it will simultaneously make for happier and healthier patients while creating a more efficient environment. 

Streamline Current Processes

Everyone’s always trying to find ways to implement sustainable and more efficient processes

Technology has helped various unmapped solutions that have made current hospice operations move smoother and quicker. With rapid technological advancements, organizations are overwhelmed with new solutions that often leave them in an analysis by paralysis feeling. The best way to find the right solutions for your organization should be based on your specific problems. 

Managing DME logistics is a shared struggle point among almost every hospice organization that can benefit from constantly being improved. The best solutions for your organization are the ones that continue to stand the test of time, like Qualis. 

Employee Satisfaction 

One of the most significant contributors to staff dissatisfaction is when they feel underequipped to perform their jobs at their highest potential. The best way to support your staff starts with giving them the tools they need to succeed. Exploring new ways to improve your current DME operations will help employees feel like they can continue to excel at their jobs. When team members can complete job duties in half the time it took, they’ll quickly find themselves able to manage their days better.  

Qualis Can Help Your DME Processes

  • Quick Order- What if we said you didn’t have to go through extra steps to order your patient's DME? Qualis cuts out additional steps by pulling patient information directly from your EMR. All care providers have to do is pick the items they need from the right vendor! 
  • Picture View- Have trouble finding the right DME among the options? The picture view capability shows exactly what the DME looks like, in addition to intended uses and descriptions. 
  • Track Status- Keeping track of the different delivery statuses is easier than ever with Qualis’s straightforward delivery tracker. Care teams will know exactly where their DME orders are and their statuses to help plan patient care. 
  • Easy Reference- Qualis is designed to be seamless in layout and function. The color-coded reference system makes for a simple understanding of different pre-authorization items that require managerial approval. 
  • Simple Communication- Hospices need tools to keep up with last-minute changes through efficient communication. Qualis makes communication between your team and the vendor easier to convey specific instructions or sudden changes. No more waiting on hold and calling different numbers in hopes of contacting the right person. 
  • Useful Dashboards- The dashboards on Qualis will highlight ordering efficiencies, items being ordered, and cost drivers. The best way to keep improving your systems with Qualis is to see the areas that need improving and where the team excels. 
  • Unlimited Reports- Qualis can produce any report you need at any time of day. The information can be downloaded in excel files to easily import data into other spreadsheets for different performance evaluations and analyses. 
  • CE/CME Courses- Keep the team sharp with courses that will help optimize DME ordering and timing. In addition to integrating Qualis, care teams will get more out of their DME solutions through CE/CME courses led by experienced clinicians.  

Your Next Steps

Are you ready to explore the full capability of Qualis and understand the direct impact it can make on your hospice organization? Streamlining DME operations will help your team run more efficiently and produce better results for everyone. Qualis is an industry-leading DME management solution that will give your team a simplified approach to DME operations. 

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