Why you need DME tracking management software for your hospice

A hospice’s DME operations are often non-stop and can quickly overwhelm teams unprepared to handle persistent volumes. Tracking down DME orders, staying in close contact with vendors, and having different DME options available are hard to manage without a centralized platform. 

Qualis is a DME management solution that offers everything hospice providers need to stay organized and productive.  

Tracking DME Orders 

Durable medical equipment orders are constantly going in and out around the clock. Caring for others who can’t take care of themselves entirely comes with loaded responsibilities that require intense logistic management. 

How can your team manage all these moving parts while still trying to provide the best care possible? 

Qualis lets you have everything you need in one location and offers real-time updates on all DME orders. Hospices can also make last-minute changes to any DME order and provide specific delivery instructions. 

Knowing when and where your DME will arrive will allow for more accurate care plans and create room for sudden changes. 

Rally More Resources

Do you feel like your team would benefit if they had more resources available to do their job? 

Due to limited vendor relations, many hospices struggle with their DME access. In some cases, some hospices are confined to working with only one vendor, which can cause a real strain on daily operations. 

Working with Qualis unlocks your hospice team’s potential to work with over 900 vendors. Our vendors are spread across 37 states, allowing easier access to DME that can sometimes be difficult to find. 

If you have a preferred vendor, we’ll work with them to make the Qualis platform work perfectly for you. 

Simplify Accounting 

Accountants for hospices know first-hand how complex the books can be at times with so many monthly DME orders. 

Typically, hospices must wait for the vendors' invoices before they know how their books will look. Stay organized becomes a real uphill battle when you have many components to record. 

Qualis was designed with simplicity in mind for the end-user. Keep your books clean, instantly pull detailed reports, and don’t wait till the end of the month to see what you owe. Qualis will send you one invoice from all the vendors you ordered instead of receiving and paying each one individually. 

Improve Bottom Line

Taking steps to boost your DME operations will increase the bottom line and overall patient satisfaction. With more resources available, hospice teams can find the right DME and get it quickly. 

Qualis's simplified DME management approach will take a significant stressor off your hospice team’s back. 

DME is essential to any hospice care since patients need this equipment to help with daily medical challenges. Check out the other benefits of partnering up with Qualis and integrating your DME operations with our intuitive DME management software. 

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