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What’s included in the free DME Diagnosis?
  • Schedule a 15-minute call to confirm the analysis process
  • You provide simple data on your DME cost and utilization
  • Our analysts crunch the numbers
  • You get a comprehensive report on hidden cost saving opportunities  
  • Our experts suggest formulary adjustments to increase quality of care
  • We compare your cost to local/regional hospices to see how you compare

Request your DME Diagnosis

Top 3 benefits of the DME Quality Review:

  1. 75% success rate finding cost savings
  2. 90% success rate highlighting an updated formulary
  3. Peace of mind knowing your DME process is optimized and your patients are taken care of

Questions & Answers

Is Qualis a DME vendor?  

No. Qualis is a DME management company. We partner with DME vendors to secure best pricing and terms and extend those terms to our hospice customers. Qualis also helps manage the relationship with local vendors on your behalf,  

What if I have multiple locations, can you analyze each?


Am I obligated to use Qualis DME Management to get the analysis?