DME Software for Hospices

Better Efficiency, Savings & Accountability

High tech for hospices means streamlining DME management & utilization for better efficiency, cost savings & accountability. Qualis designed proprietary software to enable hospice managers and caregivers to reduce the time and headaches from DME management, freeing them up to focus on the needs of patients.
With our web-based, real-time software, your staff no longer needs to track equipment, react to late pickups and delivery orders, or locate lost equipment. Integration with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software provides real-time, detailed information about patients and their history.

Feature 1

Ordering equipment is simple, typing in any part of the name brings the item up along with a picture.

Feature 2

Equipment will be picked up automatically at the time of a patient discharge. Prior to discharge, it is easy to request new equipment or pick-ups. In real-time, you can see a delivery or a pick-up confirmed.

Feature 3

Qualis provides the only DME management software that provides the opportunity for ongoing comments and documentation.

Feature 4

New orders can be specifically scheduled, provided as routine deliveries or STAT requests.

Feature 5

Any item can become a pre-authorized item, with complete documentation and review.