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Modernizing DME Management

Immediate Impact

Business processes are the lifeline of every company. Improving business process has a direct outcome on business success and your bottom line; and for Qualis hospice partners, better patient care.

When done well, streamlining DME management can lead to better efficiencies in daily processes. Increased productivity allows your staff to accomplish higher-priority goals, and you recognize cost-savings in both the reduction of errors and finding the best price and service for your unique DME needs.

Seamlessly interface with your EMR

Interfacing with your EMR reduces the time needed to order equipment while also increasing the accuracy of the information. The Qualis system can also automatically send pickup requests (configurable by hospice) based on EMR status to ensure timely pick-up of the equipment.

Using Technology to Make a Noticeable Difference in DME Management

Click through the tabs for highlights and features of the Qualis application

Quick Order

Order DME in a matter of seconds, not minutes from your computer or mobile device. Patient information is pulled from your EMR, you select the DME vendor and items you need, then hit “submit”.  That’s it!  The DME vendor is notified in real-time.

Picture View

Descriptions of DME items and pictures for your reference. Items contain  descriptions to ensure you’re ordering the right equipment at the right time.

Track Delivery Status

Track the status (created, submitted, received, modified, accepted, delivered, picked up) of your order from the submission to the DME vendor to the delivery to the patient.

Easy Reference

Manage off-formulary and pre-authorization items. Items are color-coded in the Qualis system for ease of reference.  Configurable by the hospice, pre-authorization items require approval from a manager level role prior to order.  

Simple Communication

Communicate within the portal with your DME vendor and Qualis.  Data including name, date and time ordered is stored and stamped on the order indefinitely.  This feature streamlines the communication between all partners and adds accountability.

Useful Dashboards

Daily dashboard to track ordering efficiencies, key item utilization, and cost drivers. Stay on top of your priorities with daily updates and trendlines over the last 90 days.  

Unlimited Reports

Reports available 24/7- Use your data to filter and refine what you want to be downloaded into an Excel file. Run an unlimited number of reports when you want.

CE/CME courses

A suite of clinical tools for your clinical team. CE/CME courses for ordering the right equipment at the right time.

Top 5 Benefits of Proprietary Qualis DME Management Software

  • Seamless interface with most hospice-centric EMRs
  • Reclaims precious productivity that your team can use to accomplish higher priority goals
  • Less resources required to manage daily DME movement
  • Ease of use – ordering, searching, reporting
  • Time-saving processes improves employee satisfaction & reduces frustration


Outdated processes create inefficiencies that have a way of compounding over time, sometimes before anyone realizes it has happened. It’s time to stop investing too much time and money in routine tasks instead of pursuing higher-level initiatives that progress your hospice service, allowing your care team to focus on providing the most compassionate transition-of-life patient care.

“For our clinical staff who are out in the field, it’s the ease of ordering knowing they don’t have to figure out which vendor is cheapest and which one to call.  It’s simple. They login online, click what they need and it gets done.”

Michaela Vandersee

Cedar Valley Hospice

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