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Patrick Miller

EVP and COO, Northstar Community Care

“We’ve had an opportunity to partner with Qualis and they’ve done a great job in coming alongside, being like-minded; having the same commitment to quality that we want and helping to ensure that within our entire vendor network for all of our DME and supplies. It’s been a great benefit for our patients and families. Qualis has been a real partner for us.”

Dr. Tim Ihrig

Medical Director, Crossroads Hospice

Dr. Ihrig helps develop online CE/CME courses for Qualis and explains how we continue to push the boundaries in our course training.

Amy Smith

Medical Director, Embrace Hospice

Embrace Hospice is all about forming relationships first. After meeting Qualis, Amy Smith and her team knew immediately that they both shared the same vision.

Christine Flynn

Hospice of Michigan

Watch as Christine explains how Hospice of Michigan has benefited from using Qualis.

Michaela Vandersee

Cedar Valley Hospice

“For our clinical staff who are out in the field, it’s the ease of ordering knowing they don’t have to figure out which vendor is cheapest and which one to call.  It’s simple. They login online, click what they need and it gets done.”

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