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Bridging the Gap Between Quality of Care
& Quality Equipment

As a DME management partner, Qualis is a trusted leader in delivering the best operational outcomes for organizations providing DME for hospice care.  By streamlining processes and handling all aspects of the administration of your DME services, Qualis adds value and gives back time - providing a better experience and peace of mind for your staff and caregivers.

From the Top

Clinical Tools & Accreditation

A primary focus of Qualis is to provide solutions that are valuable to your clinical team and caregivers.  A real-time DME ordering system saves valuable time by aiding in ordering the right equipment at the right time. On-demand access to reports and dashboards assist with monitoring operational efficiencies and DME cost drivers.  

Always at top of mind, we provide a suite of evidence-based clinical tools, including web-based CE/CME clinical education courses to help your staff stay on top of DME trends while delivering the best care possible.

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Intelligent DME Solutions

EMR interface with Qualis allows real time patient and demographic status. Patient data auto-populates within the orders application and provides the nursing and billing staff the most accurate and timely information.

With our web-based software, getting started is easy. Qualis interfaces with most hospice EMRs streamlining the tracking process.

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Single Source Software

Our proprietary DME management software provides a single source solution for:

  • Contract Management
  • Invoice Consolidation
  • Order & Delivery Tracking (from Multiple DME Providers)
  • Medical Supply Orders
  • Detailed Financial Reporting

    ...... and MORE!

Portfolio of Services

Qualified & Robust DME Vendor Network

Qualis negotiates preferred vendor pricing and successfully partners with a network of DME vendors with local, regional, and national options. Whatever your preference, we deliver the vendors you need while managing your overall costs - improving the value of our service.

Qualis will be your DME management partner that focuses on vendor choice and utilization management as a means of reducing costs and will never put pressure on the very vendors you are relying on to help serve your patients.

So, it’s from this relationship and what is done with your data that distinguishes whether a DME management company is simply a transactional order facilitator or a true partner.

First Line of Defense

Managers respond daily to risks at the operations level in order to be more efficient and effective in the long and short run and, ultimately, meet performance requirements in their business or strategic plan.

If you have a consistent need for DME management but don’t have time to keep track of what is coming in and out of the DME revolving door, we understand.  Qualis can become one of your most valuable resources.

We exist to have all hands on deck, while standing as your FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE in DME management.

6 Reasons Why Qualis is a Leader in DME Management

1. Detailed Knowledge

It’s simple but true – we live and breathe DME.  We know equipment and their nuances. We know when everything is working as expected or if trouble is on the horizon.  We understand industry norms and other business nuances that may not be evident to administrators and caregivers.  When in doubt, Qualis will always have your back.

2. Fundamental Collaboration

To be effective, building strategic relationships with our clients is a crucial part of DME management.  The time we take together to collaborate in managing daily tasks is an investment in your future success.   We are a true extension of your team.

3. Relationship Leverage

As a starting point, the Qualis approach includes conducting a deep dive to learn and understand everything we can about your business. This is an important research and learning step and includes discussions around challenges you face, your goals, opportunities, and more. It’s important for us to have open dialog to deeply understand the good, the bad, and the ugly. This requires candor, transparency, and trust. As true partners, we want to do everything in our power to address efficiencies and improve workflows.

4. Actionable Feedback

To be an effective DME partner, our team needs to have a seat at your operations table.  Since the services we provide can significantly add or detract from the success of your process, an open channel of back-and-forth communication should always be available and open.

5. Proactive

We look at every DME order, note, and pickup request, jumping in when needed.  We look to simplify DME ordering and limit the time spent on data entry and paperwork.

6. Reactive

If there are issues with DME, we take the time to solve them for you without disruptions to your daily routine and important patient care time.

Need a trilogy ventilator at 3pm on a Friday? We find it for you. Have a traveling patient? We connect you with vendors along the way. Have a patient that really wants to keep their equipment from a non-contracted provider? We understand and contract with that provider for that patient, ensuring that patient can keep their equipment.

Behind the Scenes

Honoring Our Promise

You have options when it comes to DME management, and we are excited about the specialized model we provide to our partners.  

It is important to note that the goals of Qualis are aligned with those of our clients. Since we are not a DME direct supplier, we are able to accurately evaluate providers, without bias, based entirely on what providers are able to offer in terms of service and price.

We are not here to manufacture value.  We make recommendations always in the absolute best interest of your business. However, we promise to impact your savings without lowering quality. Allow us to make your patients and caregivers happier, while saving you money and making your job a little easier, every day.

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